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Natural Threat: Ominous Shores [UPDATED-FINAL]

15 Mar 2012 | Category: GAME » Hidden Object | Author: Razz | Comments [39]
Natural Threat: Ominous Shores [UPDATED-FINAL]
Natural Threat: Ominous Shores [UPDATED-FINAL]

Natural Threat: Ominous Shores [UPDATED-FINAL]
Natural Threat: Ominous Shores [UPDATED-FINAL]|584 mb

Use your powers of observation to save your friends from the genetic aberrations that populate a forgotten island in Natural Threat: Ominous Shores! Brave the escalating threat that unfolds before you and save your companions! Each scene will bring new challenges, fun with razz, horrifying discoveries, and clues to what brought the monsters that populate the island to life. Be smart, and you might survive long enough to make the most shocking discovery of all in Natural Threat: Ominous Shores!

*Explore a mysterious island
*Avoid terrifying creatures
*Save your friends!

We have a new version of Natural Threat: Ominous Shores available now!

This new build fixes the saving issues that had been reported and other updates


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15 March 2012 18:57


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some issues were reported with this game, I do not play these games so all I can do is hope that this addreses the issues that were had.






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15 March 2012 19:17

VIP Member

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Lang: English

I haven't gotten to this game yet but will download the update "just in case".  Thanks Razz and Velocity

Comment #3 by 


15 March 2012 19:26

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Lang: Español

Thanks Razz!!!  blink

Comment #4 by 


15 March 2012 19:42

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Lang: English

Thanks a lot for the update Razz and Velocity, I haven't gotten to this game yet either, so I will download the update also!

Comment #5 by 


15 March 2012 19:43

VIP Member

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Lang: Dutch and English

Thanks Razz, I have not finished this game yet but downloading this fixed version in case I get problems. focus pizza

Comment #6 by 


15 March 2012 19:56

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Thanks  biggrin

Comment #7 by 


15 March 2012 20:36

VIP Member

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Thanks Razz

Comment #8 by 


15 March 2012 20:49

VIP Member

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Lang: Destiny

Thanks Razz & Velocity

Comment #9 by 


15 March 2012 20:57

VIP Member

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Lang: English,Greek

Thank you,Razz and Velocity!!



Comment #10 by 


15 March 2012 21:02

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Thanks Razz, but i had no problems with the begining game !

Comment #11 by 


15 March 2012 22:41

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Lang: English

Thanks so much Razz and Velocity!  wink2

Comment #12 by 


16 March 2012 00:54

VIP Member

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Thank you for the update Razz. Much appreciated.

Comment #13 by 


16 March 2012 01:01


Joined in: 26.11.2011
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Lang: English

Thanks so much for the fix.  I had problems with the first game. Kept throwing me out to desktop and then last time it threw me out, it wanted me to start from the beg.  I just assumed that it was a Beta rather then a final.  This was a pretty good game so hope all enjoys it.

Comment #14 by 


16 March 2012 01:03


Joined in: 7.06.2011
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Lang: English

thank you raz - hadn't d/led this one yet so didn't waste the bandwidth on the first one.  so many games to play!  and i LOVE my filefactory account!

Comment #15 by 


16 March 2012 03:40

VIP Member

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Lang: Viet Nam


Comment #16 by 


16 March 2012 07:16


Joined in: 6.11.2010
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Thanks Razz

Comment #17 by 


16 March 2012 09:03

VIP Member

Joined in: 8.10.2008
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Lang: English

Thank you

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Comment #18 by 


16 March 2012 09:47


Joined in: 24.09.2011
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Comments: 174
Lang: Español, English

Thanks a lor for the update!!!

Comment #19 by 


16 March 2012 10:25

VIP Member

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Lang: Swedish

Thanks  biggrin  4   friends   blink

Comment #20 by 


16 March 2012 10:56

VIP Member

Joined in: 31.01.2012
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Comments: 1888

biggrinThank you very much!RAZZ 59

Comment #21 by 


16 March 2012 11:14


Joined in: 19.11.2010
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Comments: 69

thank u!

Comment #22 by 


16 March 2012 14:56


Joined in: 10.01.2011
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Comments: 114

thanx for updated HOG

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Comment #23 by 


16 March 2012 15:34

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Lang: English


Comment #24 by 


16 March 2012 16:41

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Comments: 583


Comment #25 by 


16 March 2012 17:26

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Lang: Bulgarian

Thanks for the UPDATE!!! biggrin

Comment #26 by 


17 March 2012 07:09

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Lang: English

Thanks very much for this update Razz! blink 4 blink

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Comment #27 by 


17 March 2012 13:27

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Lang: Turkish,German

Te?ekkürler Razz biggrin

Comment #28 by 


17 March 2012 19:31

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Comments: 1229
Lang: English

Thank You Razz biggrin

Comment #29 by 


17 March 2012 20:56

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Comments: 216
Lang: English, un poquito de Espanol


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Comment #30 by 


18 March 2012 14:00

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Lang: English, Dutch

Many thanks for all the hard work you do  4

Comment #31 by 


19 March 2012 06:23


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Lang: english,russia

friends thanks..

Comment #32 by 


20 March 2012 10:45

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Lang: Türkçe


Comment #33 by 


20 March 2012 14:17

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Lang: Dutch

Thank you

Comment #34 by 


23 March 2012 08:33

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Lang: english

Thank you very much Razz and Velocity .

Comment #35 by 


28 March 2012 10:39

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Lang: English

Thanks for all the games, Razz & Velocity, & the updates!!!  Much mahalos, for all your hard work!!!  biggrin pizza

And, that's why you da best, 'cuz you ALWAYS have updates for us when there are updates to post!!!!  4

Take care & God Bless!!  Lots of hugs!!!  friends wink2

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Comment #36 by 


30 April 2012 00:39

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Lang: English

Thanks Razz

Comment #37 by 


1 June 2012 04:04


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Lang: English
Thanks for the update. I will try it later to see if the hanged section is fixed.
Comment #38 by 


16 March 2013 03:36

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Comments: 624
Lang: indonesian
I already downloaded before being member in here and never say thanks before (I'm sorry) So now as I become member just wanna say Razz and Velocity for update this cool one! By the way, and take care guys!
Comment #39 by 


29 August 2013 20:17


Joined in: 22.12.2009
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Comments: 3
Thank you so much for all wonderful games Razz and Velocity..
But Razz, all links are dead now 3d_030
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