April 26 2013

Monument Builders 5: Colosseum [BETA]

Razz Dash 20:40 32
Monument Builders 5: Colosseum [BETA]
Monument Builders 5: Colosseum [BETA]

Monument Builders 5: Colosseum [BETA]| 128 MB

Build the iconic Colosseum of Rome in Monument Builders - Colosseum, a wonderful time management challenge and grand journey through architectural history.

As the construction site manager, you have a huge responsibility to get one the world's largest monuments built on time by expeditiously managing an interesting array of resources and facing many unusual challenges. When was the last time you tamed a lion? Now's your chance!

Journey back to the late 1800s and lead the construction of the iconic arena in this monumental challenge. Break ground on the building site, construct quarries, and improve roads as you witness the structure rise from the ground. Build the majestic amphitheater from bare dirt and heavy stone, create competitive working conditions for your workers, and meet key objectives. With 50 levels of play to complete and tons of unlockable bonuses, Monument Builders ? Colosseum is your best chance to ensure your name goes down in history.

Build the iconic Roman Colosseum in this fantastic time management game.
Journey back to the late 1800s as you lead the construction through 50 levels of play.
Manage workers, transport materials, and improve roads.
Tame lions and take on superstar gladiators.
Learn many fun facts about the majestic amphitheater.


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Comments (32)


26 April 2013 21:13 Member
Many thaks RAZZ !!! 3d_012 3d_012 3d_012


26 April 2013 21:38 VIP Member
Thanks biggrin 4 friends blink


26 April 2013 23:21 EDITOR
you have to run start_game.bat.

you did this?


26 April 2013 23:51 EDITOR
you can run this one then and it will go: http://www.filefactory.com/file/1wjt7mkqf1xv/Start_Game.bat

just download it and double click it and let it run then press any key and try the beta game


27 April 2013 00:23 Member
Thanks RAZZ 3d_004 3d_044 3d_004


27 April 2013 01:03 VIP Member
Many, many thanks RAZZ and VELOCITY! 3d_012 3d_014


27 April 2013 01:23 Member
waiting for thr final GRACIASSS 3d_043


27 April 2013 02:53 EDITOR
FOR FINAL I need to test that everyone can run start_game.bat.

if this is true and game runs as trial for 60 min then can make sure of final on monday maybe?

but must test start_game.bat to run game first



27 April 2013 04:47 Member
can't start the game with start_game.bat it gives a error...


27 April 2013 07:30 VIP Member
3d_035 Thank you very much!RAZZ! 3d_058


27 April 2013 09:40 VIP Member
Thanks very much for this Beta Razz and Velocity 3d_014


27 April 2013 10:24 Member
start_game.bat gives an error


27 April 2013 11:29 Member
thank you


27 April 2013 11:51 VIP Member
Many many thanks


27 April 2013 11:52 Member
thank you so much !


27 April 2013 12:56 VIP Member
RAZZ, it did not work for me either ... I received the message "Channel affiliate does not exist." Thanks anyway. 3d_014


27 April 2013 18:35 Member
Razz, same here... error
Thanks anyway


27 April 2013 19:11 Member
After start_game.bat....

We're sorry.
Channel __affiliate__ does not exist
Try Again » 3d_031


27 April 2013 19:41 Member
Same here:
We're sorry.
Channel __affiliate__ does not exist
Try Again »


28 April 2013 20:05 Member
Same error here. I downloaded and ran start_game.bat, but even that gave me an error. I got the following:

ERROR: Access is denied.
Error when trying to add keys to the registry.
Press any key to continue...

(followed by, after clicking any key):
'DANG.msi is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.
'MB5.exe is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.
Press any key to continue...

Then it closes. I then again attempted to run the game and got the same message as everyone else above.


29 April 2013 19:13 VIP Member
icon_fw thanks for the beta, Razz and Velocity! icon_jd


29 April 2013 19:27 Member
Thanks for the start_game.bat! The Beta Version is very good !!!


30 April 2013 01:06 EDITOR
if you have error please state what OS (vista 64 bit , 32 bit etc windows 7 etc)

very important, cannot fix final without this info


30 April 2013 03:28 Member
I left what my problem was but I can't find it.

My OS is Windows 8 64 bits. When I run start_game.bat gave me this error:
Your pc can be damage...Then it closes.


30 April 2013 17:12 EDITOR
WELL A REGISTRY key will not damage your pc, (unless you are an idiot).

your antivirus is preventing the key from being entered into your pc


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