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Jane Austen's Estate of Affairs [FINAL]

28 Aug 2013 | Category: GAME » Hidden Object | Author: Razz | Comments [86]
Jane Austen's Estate of Affairs [FINAL]

Jane Austen's Estate of Affairs [FINAL]

Jane Austen's Estate of Affairs [FINAL]| 356 MB

The Austen estate is in trouble! Take on the role of Christiana, the niece of beloved novelist Jane Austen. Explore actual locations from Austen's life, such as Chawton House, as you search Hidden Object scenes for Austen's missing novel! The game faithfully mimics Regency period culture as the characters (both real and imagined) follow in Austen's footsteps, hoping to uncover the lost manuscript. Will you help Christiana find her beloved aunt's book, and well as Christiana's true love?

Game Features:
? Scour through over 20 Hidden Object scenes in search of Austen's unpublished novel!
? Play a variety of challenging mini-games and adventure puzzles seamlessly integrated into the original story.
? Read excerpts from Austen's most popular novels, including Pride and Prejudice!
? Explore real life locations, such as Chawton House, where Austen wrote most of her best-known works!
? Enjoy faithfully recreated Regency period culture, with animated cutscenes and full voice-acting!


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28 August 2013 18:29

VIP Member

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Lang: english, german
Thank you RAZZ for this game !
Comment #2 by 


28 August 2013 18:36

VIP Member

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Lang: English
Thanks Razz 3d_043
Comment #3 by 


28 August 2013 18:40

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Thanks Razz & Velocity
Comment #4 by 


28 August 2013 18:43

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Lang: german
Comment #5 by 


28 August 2013 18:44


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Thank You Razz. I enjoy the new games.
Comment #6 by 


28 August 2013 19:00

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Lang: Dutch, English
Thank you very much Razz & Velocity!!

Signature:Everything happens for a reason, live it, love it and learn from it!!
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28 August 2013 19:17

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Thank RAZZ, a thousand times for this new game! I sent at rapidgator, a support ticket.
I hope to help!Luv ya!!! 3d_043 3d_043 3d_043

Signature:mamonita: Life is beautiful! Enjoy!
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28 August 2013 19:19

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Thanks razz 3d_66
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28 August 2013 19:22


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Thank you Razz

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Comment #10 by 


28 August 2013 19:22


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Thank You!!
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