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Haunted House Mysteries [FINAL]

3 Sep 2013 | Category: GAME / Hidden Object | Author: Razz | Comments [108]
Haunted House Mysteries [FINAL]

Haunted House Mysteries [FINAL]

Haunted House Mysteries [FINAL]| 604 MB

Nancy is joining her Aunt Mary at the beach cottage for a break from writing her dissertation on the revival of superstitions in modern societies. But Aunt Mary has different plans for her in Haunted House Mysteries, a spooky hidden object adventure.

Have you ever wondered about haunted houses? Explore the haunted house on the hill. It was deserted after a family was murdered there 18 years ago. Learn about the history of haunted houses and our continuous fascination with them. Can you discover the hidden mysteries of the Russel family home? Will you be the one to find the clues to solve the mystery of the murders?

*Explore a real haunted house for clues and ghosts.
*Reveal the house's mysterious secrets and macabre history.
*Participate in paranormal rituals to communicate with spirits.
*Solve complex riddles to advance your investigation.
*Multi-language support
*RazzLocity Exclusive!

Haunted House Mysteries [FINAL]


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Comment #1 by 


3 September 2013 22:59


Joined in: 1.08.2008
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have fun, posting mirrors later on.

summer is ending and I have much to accomplish before snow!


Signature:DON'T RENEW YOUR FILEFACTORY, IT'S A SCAM they deleted all my files and banned my account (I was paid until 2023)

I recommend rapidfileshare and secureupload to keep up with the latest releases

blog in case downurk is down:
Comment #2 by 


3 September 2013 23:04


Joined in: 17.05.2013
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Lang: English
thanks razz, enjoy your last bit of summer, you deserve it!! 3d_012
Comment #3 by 


3 September 2013 23:09


Joined in: 20.10.2012
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Lang: English
3d_059 3d_66 Thanks Again Razz, Your the best!!!
3d_056Giving me something to do on a rainy day. 3d_056
Comment #4 by 


3 September 2013 23:09

VIP Member

Joined in: 24.05.2008
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Thanks a lot Razz! 3d_012

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Comment #5 by 


3 September 2013 23:11

VIP Member

Joined in: 11.01.2009
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Lang: English
Thank you my friend
Comment #6 by 


3 September 2013 23:29

VIP Member

Joined in: 1.08.2009
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Lang: Spanish, English, German, Polish
Comment #7 by 


3 September 2013 23:54

VIP Member

Joined in: 6.01.2009
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Thanks Razz 3d_82
Comment #8 by 


4 September 2013 00:18

VIP Member

Joined in: 7.10.2008
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Thanks Razz & Velocity
Comment #9 by 


4 September 2013 00:22

VIP Member

Joined in: 5.10.2011
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Lang: English, Dutch
Superb Razz, as usual! This is simply the best site! 3d_012
Comment #10 by 


4 September 2013 00:52

VIP Member

Joined in: 23.05.2011
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Thanks a lot Razz!
Comment #11 by 


4 September 2013 00:56

VIP Member

Joined in: 24.09.2009
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Lang: English only
OK Thanks Razz!! Can't wait for the new Emily game!! You guys are the absolute best!!
Comment #12 by 


4 September 2013 01:08

VIP Member

Joined in: 20.07.2012
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Comments: 402
Lang: english
Comment #13 by 


4 September 2013 01:11

VIP Member

Joined in: 16.07.2010
Status: online
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Comments: 396
Lang: english
Thanks razz 3d_66
Comment #14 by 


4 September 2013 01:17

VIP Member

Joined in: 23.09.2009
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Comments: 926
Lang: English
Thank you, Razz! Enjoy the still sunny days!
Comment #15 by 


4 September 2013 01:18


Joined in: 2.03.2010
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Comments: 7
Lang: Portugues - Brasil
Obrigado Razz, este tem meu idioma. 3d_015

Signature:Quem dá aos pobres...cria os filhos sozinha!!!
Comment #16 by 


4 September 2013 01:51

VIP Member

Joined in: 11.10.2012
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Can not wait to get into the haunted house, but I'll wait patiently mirrors!
Once again we have an exclusive release razzlocity! Congratulations golden boys 4 4
You are, the best!
3d_043 3d_043 3d_043

Signature:mamonita: Life is beautiful! Enjoy!
Comment #17 by 


4 September 2013 02:08


Joined in: 13.10.2012
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Lang: english
Thank You Very Much
Comment #18 by 


4 September 2013 02:09

VIP Member

Joined in: 2.07.2011
Status: offline
News: 0
Comments: 785
Lang: English
???!!! OOOOOOHHHH!!! My favorite!!! Thank you so very much, Razz & Razzlocity!!! You hard working guys & gals always do a !!!

Take care, God Bless, & lots of to you!!!

Signature:I don't care what other people think, as long as I'm not hurting anyone.
Comment #19 by 


4 September 2013 02:25

VIP Member

Joined in: 20.08.2012
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Lang: english, german
Thank you RAZZ for the game, enjoy the last summer days!
Comment #20 by 


4 September 2013 02:42

VIP Member

Joined in: 9.05.2012
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Lang: italian
Thank you
Comment #21 by 


4 September 2013 02:54

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Joined in: 25.11.2010
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Lang: Portugues, English, French
Thanks Razz
Comment #22 by 


4 September 2013 03:03


Joined in: 26.08.2009
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Comments: 1
Thanks Razz! biggrin
Comment #23 by 


4 September 2013 03:19

VIP Member

Joined in: 1.12.2011
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Lang: english/spanish
Thank U, you are the best!!!!!
Comment #24 by 


4 September 2013 04:24

VIP Member

Joined in: 31.08.2012
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Comments: 503
Lang: Portugues (Brasil)
Thank you very much!!! Thank you Razz & Razzlocity!!!!!
Comment #25 by 


4 September 2013 05:02

VIP Member

Joined in: 2.10.2011
Status: offline
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Comments: 491
Lang: English, Portuguese, some Japanese
Oh, RAZZ, you are Super Special friend of all us!Thank you, for this wonderful game, I was waiting for so long, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU 3d_012 3d_044 3d_059
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