May 08 2016

Metris Blocks [FINAL]

Metris Blocks [FINAL]|46 MB

Metris Blocks is relaxation at its best! Sit back and enjoy 5 different puzzle modes, as you spin and slide each piece into the perfect place. Play your way through classic mode for a dose of nostalgia, or explore new ways to play with wildcards and hostile blocks! Keep pushing that high score higher with Metris Blocks!

Play your way through Various art styles and tile sets
Enjoy the nostalgia of classic mode
Experience all new game modes with wildcards and new challenges
Unlock all the hidden extras

THANKS to velocity
May 07 2016

Sea of Lies 6: Leviathan Reef Collector's Edition [FINAL]

Sea of Lies 6: Leviathan Reef Collector's Edition [FINAL]|968 MB

proudly presents another swashbuckling tale in the Sea of Lies series!

The dastardly Pirate King is out for blood, and you’re his next target! The infamous pirate has a plan to kidnap you to get revenge against your father. But his plans go awry when the captain he sends to nab you sets you loose instead! Now you find yourself on a mysterious island full of pirates with the only key that can stop the Pirate King. But who can you trust? The only way to find out is to go undercover as one of them and use your wits to guide you in this swashbuckling hidden-object puzzle adventure game!
This is a special release full of exclusive extras you won't find in the standard.

Check out these great features:
Explore the pirates' mysterious curse in the bonus game.
Earn achievements for playing HOPs & mini-games from this game and other titles!
Remember your journey with concept art, wallpapers, and soundtrack.
Find collectible souvenirs!
Access the helpful strategy guide.


May 05 2016

Mystery Case Files: Huntsville [UPDATED FINAL ]

Mystery Case Files: Huntsville [FINAL UPDATED] | 27.6 MB

Play the Mystery Case File that started the franchise!
Do you have a keen eye for detail? See if you can locate enough hidden clues to solve the crimes and become a Master Detective. Mystery Case Files: Huntsville™ provides players with a collection of intriguing mysteries and brain-teasers to solve. There are picture puzzles to ponder, strange crime scenes to explore, and much, much, more! With thousands of hidden clues it's a new game each time you play Huntsville™!

15+ crimes to solve.
More than 20 unique locations.
Thousands of items to find.

UPDATE! New PC version available - February 12, 2013
We have an updated PC version available for Mystery Case Files: Huntsville ™! This new version fixes an issue where the game would sometimes appear in a small window in the upper-left corner on some Windows 7 and 8 systems.

Thanks to VELOCITY
May 04 2016

Redemption Cemetery 8: At Death's Door Collector's Edition [FINAL]

Redemption Cemetery 8: At Death's Door Collector's Edition [FINAL]|1015 mb(less than 1 gb)
Studios proudly presents the next chilling installment of the Redemption Cemetery series! A late night cab ride takes a dark turn when you get stuck in an eerie cemetery. An evil force is plaguing the spirits there. Can you help them find peace, or will you join them in their torment? Find out in this riveting hidden-object puzzle adventure!
This is a special release full of exclusive extras you won't find in the standard.

The Collector’s Edition includes:
• Learn more grave history in the Bonus Chapter!
• Find collectibles and earn achievements.
• Check out the bonus HOPs, puzzles, music, art, and more!
• Never get stuck again with the included strategy guide.

May 03 2016

Flowers Mahjong [FINAL]

Flowers Mahjong [FINAL]|52 MB

Flowers Mahjong is your well-deserved break and the spectacular boost your mind is yearning for! Discover a beautiful variety of flowers as you challenge yourself with your favorite mahjong games. With 7 game modes and 140 levels, you're all set for hours and hours of fun. What are you still waiting for? Celebrate your love for flowers with the colorful Flowers Mahjong!

Surround yourself with beautiful flowers and all of your favorite mahjong games
Challenging yourself with 7 different game modes and 140 dazzling levels
Use the shuffle, hint, or undo button when you're stuck or need help
Enjoy a relaxing soundtrack and multiple difficulty levels


May 03 2016

Secret Of The Royal Throne [UPDATED FINAL]

Secret Of The Royal Throne [FINAL]|511 MB

It is believed that, in ancient India there was a noble king who had a throne guided by 13 deities. His kingdom was prosperous and invincible until an angry sage cursed the royal throne locking the deitie's powers.
One day a renowned archeologist from the United States learns during his archeological site visit in India, that the kingdom really exists today and its Royal throne is the key to uncover the ancient treasures of India.
His daughter Samantha is set on a magical and unbelievable adventure where she has to revive and unite these deities and uncover the Secret of a Royal Throne.
Help Samantha uncover the secrets before a new evil lays its claws on the treasure.

* Set in the Ancient ruins of the Secret Empire which was ruled by King Sukarma and the richest kindgom in the history of the world.
* Travel through these mystical lands in search for the secrets hidden throughout.
* Uncover mysteries, overcome obstacles and solve puzzles. Discover the secrets of an ancient Indian kingdom that holds one of the world's most mysterious and glorious treasures.
* Hidden object games, puzzles, tense music and much more combining it into a mind blowing experience of an unforgettable game.
* Hand-painted artwork that will blow your mind.

fixed an issue of the exe being detected as malware
May 03 2016

Black Swan [FINAL] 

Black Swan [FINAL] 
Black Swan [FINAL] 

Black Swan [FINAL]||1096 mb|1.07 GB
When handed a dark and mysterious note during a performance of Swan Lake, noted spiritualist and medium Victoria Bonpartie has a chilling vision and is compelled to investigate. Explore the haunted history of a ballet school while guided by spirits from another other dimension! Can you help guide these poor souls home? Find out, in Black Swan!

Game Features:
• Use your psychic ability to see the past
• Beautiful soundtrack fitting the most famous ballets
• Original artwork and scenery

Black Swan [FINAL] 
Black Swan [FINAL]