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Gwadar Base [FINAL]

24 Feb 2015 | Category: Adventure | Author: Razz | Comments [5]

Gwadar Base [FINAL]|264 MB

2002, British intelligence receives information about the contract between the terrorists and the official authorities of Afghanistan, but they deny the presence of terrorists, calling it a military exercise. Because of this, convened a secret Council of the UN, during which it was decided to send a British agent James Tennant for espionage and sabotage the plans of terrorists on the base, which is located a couple of kilometers from the port town of Gwadar...

Have you always dreamt of becoming a spy? In the game Gwadar Base you have a chance to become a detective of the British secret service and fulfill the dangerous mission in Afghanistan. Your secret service has got information that a group of businessmen in Afghanistan has cooperated with terrorists and the aim of your mission is to spy on the terrorists and collect necessary information about the future acts of terror! Stay unnoticed to survive in the game Gwadar Base and denounce the culprits! Explore the catacombs of the military base and escape from the enemies on the desolate territories of Gwadar!


Magic Gate: Faces of Darkness [FINAL]

24 Feb 2015 | Category: Hidden Object | Author: Razz | Comments [57]

Magic Gate: Faces of Darkness [FINAL]|437 mb

The main character, together with his fiancée, takes up residence in their new home. While unpacking their belongings, his fiancée stumbles upon a magical mirror that takes her to another world. Without hesitation, the hero goes after his fiancé and enters the magical world of Elyrium where he sees his fiancée being kidnapped by dark ghostly spirits.

Venture into a magical world and experience the struggle of good versus evil. Fight for your love and return to your world!
Explore a magical world
Face the evil that lies beyond your world!
Face dangerous traps and enemies


Caribbean [FINAL]

23 Feb 2015 | Category: Adventure | Author: Razz | Comments [4]

Caribbean [FINAL]|461 MB

‘Caribbean!’ is a blend of economic strategy and open-world RPG, set in the pirate era of XVII Century Caribbean. The game is based on the significantly improved Mount & Blade: Warband engine.
Naval battles with controllable ships and boarding fights.
Building and management of commercial property in towns.
Detailed crew and fleet management.
Rank progression system for military and business options.
Advanced order and control system for armies in land battles

packed by razzlo

TerraTech Deluxe Edition [FINAL]

23 Feb 2015 | Category: GAME | Author: Razz | Comments [1]

TerraTech Deluxe Edition [FINAL]|298 MB

In TerraTech you design, construct and command a fleet of unique vehicles, as you battle your way to victory across the lawless frontiers of new alien worlds, in a quest for glory and profit. In the distant future, Earth’s natural resources have been depleted, and as an off-world prospector it’s your job to travel to alien planets and scour them for valuable materials. These can be refined and shipped back to Earth in return for cash, or crafted into new components to augment your fleet

New features / content / improvements:
User profiles added to allow multiple players to save individual game saves.
New base blocks replace the previous “all-in-one” base design. allowing the player to build highly customised individual base modules.
New base guardians added to the world, protecting base modules.
More in-game overlays added to provide more information to the player.
Game Design Tweaks:
The opening tutorial has been updated to reflect the new changes.
Revised locations of guardians.
Guardians now attack the player if they are shot at.
Vehicle invader sequences refined with clearer messages.

Glow Fish [FINAL]

23 Feb 2015 | Category: Adventure | Author: Razz | Comments [6]

Glow Fish [FINAL]|64 MB

The evil Dr. Urchin has kidnapped Coralline, your special lady friend, and now it’s up to Glowfish to save her before it’s too late! Swim your way with fluid control through a motion-filled maze of brilliantly-colored ocean landscapes and unforgettable sea characters. Each level takes you deeper in the unique ocean world with new challenges and enemies at every turn. Add to your team by collecting powerful Super Chums to help you along the way in this incredible Arcade & Action game!
Amazing graphics
Incredible gameplay
Save Coralline from Dr. Urchin!

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